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"I Have a Second Chance at Life"

At 14, Annie was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer and spent the next two years battling the disease and then recuperating. She's healthy now, but that doesn't mean she's not concerned about her future, or her family's.

"Without Obamacare, I could very well not be covered in the future because of my pre-existing condition. Which is really frustrating because I was a 14 year old and I did nothing wrong. Now I realize how my first chance at life was a miracle, and I have a second chance at life."

But Annie isn't only remarkable for her courage in fighting off cancer as a teenager; she's also dedicating her time to organizing her community and working to keep up the progress we've made in health care and women's health.

"When President Obama came out with his video in support of Planned Parenthood, and really just in support of women in general, I felt like he was speaking to me. He understood, and that's really what changed everything."

Annie B. in Denver

Annie got to meet the President in person in Denver last week, after she shared her story with the audience and asked them to get involved to help keep up his work for women and women's health. It's for people like Annie that President Obama is fighting to ensure that women have access not only to affordable general health care, but also to key health services that women need, like preventive screenings, birth control, and well-woman visits. Annie knows that the President has her back, so she has his.

Watch the video about Annie's amazing story, then join the movement to protect the President's accomplishments for women and their families.

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