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Hearing from Michelle Obama

Last week, women gathered together across the country to participate in a call with Michelle Obama. The First Lady emphasized all the achievements her husband has made for women, including signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, increasing access to quality healthcare through the Affordable Care Act and providing more than $3 billion dollars in grants to female-owned small businesses. 

Tomorrow, Coloradans have the opportunity to speak with Michelle again. Join us for a statewide conference call with the First Lady as we talk about the issues affecting our state. She will be discussing the importance of volunteering for OFA Colorado and why it's critical that we caucus for the President on March 6. She'll also be taking questions from volunteers who have been reaching out to supporters in their community.

The call will begin tomorrow at 5:30pm (MT). Take a moment to register for the conference call, then sign up to commit to caucus on March 6 in support of the President. 

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