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"He Has Stood Up for Each and Every American"

Jean, a first grade teacher, mother of three, and volunteer in Douglas County, has a lot of reasons for supporting President Obama. On Thursday, during her introduction of the First Lady in Castle Rock, she shared one of the biggest ones: her youngest daughter, Bella.


At one year old, Bella was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Jean says she’s the inspiration for much of what she does, including her support of the President and Michelle Obama:

“Bella’s bravery in everything she does - learning to walk, learning to talk and now learning to read, inspires me each and every day. And thanks to President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Bella will have a level of health care security I never thought possible.”

As Jean told the crowd at the First Lady’s grassroots rally, Obamacare will mean two important things for Bella and her family. First, she will be able to stay on her parents’ insurance plan until she turns 26. Second, whenever Bella moves onto her own health care plan, no insurance company will be able to discriminate against her because of her cerebral palsy.


Because of what President Obama’s policies have meant for Americans like Bella, Jean is committed to giving her time to help protect the progress we’ve made:

“I’m so happy to say that Bella is among the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions who will never again be denied coverage thanks to President Obama. That’s why I’ve been volunteering: because throughout his first term in office he has stood up for each and every American, including my daughter. We need to have the President’s back.”

Stand with the President who’s standing up for all of us: join Team Colorado today.

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