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"He has my best interest in mind"


With less than 50 days till the election, women from across Jefferson County came out to show their support at a Women for Obama event on Monday. Volunteer Sharon attended because she has a personal stake in this election.

Sharon was diagnosed with nonsmoker lung cancer and had to undergo expensive surgery just four short years ago. Now a cancer survivor, Sharon and her family were worried about her rising healthcare costs:

“My husband and I own a small business so I was at the mercy of insurance companies and had to worry about paying over $30,000 a year in health care -- it is our greatest expenditure.”

With a pre-existing condition, Sharon is now protected under President Obama’s Affordable Care Act and no longer has to worry about insurance companies charging her more than she can afford. Going through this life-changing event, she understands how the Affordable Care Act can benefit women like herself.

“Many Americans are one catastrophic health crisis away from total bankruptcy. I always had to worry about, ‘if my disease comes back, will my insurance company drop us?’ or ‘Will my son have to drop out of school if I can’t pay the medical bills?’ I know President Obama is committed to helping people like me – as a woman and as a cancer survivor. He has my best interest in mind. The amount of money Americans are going to save because of the Affordable Care Act will improve the quality of life for so many of us.”

Going door to door and registering her neighbors to vote is just one way Sharon shows her support for the President.

Stand with Sharon to make sure all Americans continue to have access to affordable health care -- commit to vote today.

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