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Goodbye Summer Organizers

The Summer Organizer program has drawn to a close. For many of us here in Colorado, this is a bittersweet reality. The Summer Organizers are excited about the next step in life but don’t want to let go of the friendships they’ve made with fellow organizers and volunteers, and the state staff are glad to have had the Summer Organizers’ help but don’t want to see them go, either.

As the end of the program approached, we thought we’d go around the office and ask specifically how some of our organizers and staff felt about the program as it nears its conclusion.

Summer Organizer Shannon, from Brooklyn, New York, said “I’m super grateful for the way things worked out this summer. I really felt like our work in Jefferson County will be critical in winning this battleground state, and I was lucky to have great volunteer leaders in Mary and Cindy.”

Native Coloradan and Summer Organizer Will offered a similar sentiment. “I was glad to get the campaign rolling here in Colorado. It was truly great to work with talented people from all across the nation.”

Regional Field Director Alfredo says, “I’m heartbroken to see the Summer Organizers go. I’ve been proud to see how they have grown since June 4. They’ve proven to be excellent organizers who have built upon and strengthened our existing organization.

The Summer Organizers have grown professionally and emotionally since they walked in our doors last June. Their work has been integral to our success over the past two months. Do you want to get involved in the same way the Summer Organizers have been a part of our organization? Then apply to be a Fall Fellow! Click here for more info.

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