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FO Spotlight: Ben Lazarus


Our newest Field Organizer grew up in New York City and helped organize his college campus in 2008 for the President. He just moved to Colorado to join the team and help organize Jefferson County. Welcome Ben!

Name: Ben Lazarus
Region: Jefferson County
Fun Fact: As a kid, I was featured in an NFL commercial with Amani Toomer for United Way.  

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in New York City and had the opportunity to help organize my college campus in ’08. I was really inspired by the way college kids took ownership of the campaign. It was the greatest experience of my life. After the election, and inspired largely by the President’s message, I went home to New York and worked in local politics.

What is your favorite part of Jefferson County so far?

My favorite thing has been meeting my volunteers. Everyone has been really nice and supportive. I didn’t grow up in JeffCo, but everyone is eager to help out. I’m having my first phone bank tomorrow morning and am really excited!

Why are you an organizer?

One of my big take aways from the last election, was that change was predicated on the idea that we continue to work for it. It’s a life long commitment. I knew I wanted to keep organizing and join the campaign and so I could keep working for the change I saw in 2008 and beyond. 

What have you learned about organizing that you didn't know before?

In the past I organized a college where I was a student and a city where I grew up, so one thing I’ve learned here is that when people are organized around a common purpose, the differences fall away. Even though I’m new to the area, everyone in JeffCo is fired up! 

Interested in working for the campaign? Apply to become a Spring Fellow today to learn the ins and outs of organizing for the President.

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