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Fighting for Students

Rachel Students for Obama

President Obama is fighting for students – and Rachel is fighting with him.

For Rachel, a Colorado State University student and volunteer for the campaign on campus, there are a lot of reasons to stand with the President and work for his re-election. She’s a big supporter of his accomplishments for women’s rights, and she says health care is close to her heart because it affects her family. But for her and many of her fellow students at CSU, it’s President Obama’s progress in access to education – and defense against efforts to gut student loans and public education – that mean the most.

“My friends and I grew up in a lower-income part of Colorado. It makes us so upset because most of the students that went to my high school wouldn’t be going to college if it weren’t for financial aid.”

President Obama understands that millions of students are in the same situation. That’s why he’s doubled funding for Pell Grants, worked to prevent student loan interest rates from climbing, and created the American Opportunity Tax Credit to help students go to college.

It’s also why he’s visiting Fort Collins tomorrow to speak to CSU students and supporters. He’ll talk about what’s at stake for education in November, and help make sure students are registered to vote and ready to make their voices heard on issues that directly affect them.

Commit to vote this fall if you support quality, affordable education for all students.

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