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Educators for Obama

Educators for Obama

The President has made education a top priority for the last four years, not only doubling our investment in scholarships and financial aid, but also working to raise standards in K-12 education and saving the jobs of thousands of educators across the country. Today he's speaking about why he's fought to keep college affordable and ensure that all children have the right to a quality education so they can fulfill their potential.

On Saturday morning, we held a roundtable breakfast with Colorado educators to discuss what’s at stake in this election, and were joined by some special guests who shared what the President’s accomplishments for education mean to them.

Amy, a mom and teacher in Adams County, is an Educator for Obama because the President knows that standing up for teachers means standing up for students:

“I’m an Educator for Obama because President Obama supports a quality 21st century public education for all those students who come through our doors every day. We’ve lived out what it’s like to have reduced funding in our classrooms. The other side would like to slash funding, and I don’t know how we can be any thinner than we are now. I support Obama because he supports me as a professional, which allows me to support the students that I work for every single day.”

Participants of the roundtable also got to hear from Lilly Ledbetter, not only a pioneer of fair pay for women but also a big fan of the President’s work for middle class families:

“We have got to keep this President in the White House, because he’s someone who understands what it’s like to walk in the middle class life. Those two that are running against him, they have never been there. President Obama worked for his education; so did Michelle. He’s worked on trying to help young people get loans and go to college, and then be able to get back on their feet without having to pay off their loans for the rest of their lives. There are enough of us women that we can support President Obama, and get him into office, and that’s what we must do.”

Educators for Obama 2

Finally, Debbie Wasserman Schultz broke down the difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney with regard to education, and made clear what’s at stake for students, teachers, and families:

"As a mom, I want to make sure that we have a President in the White House who has made education a priority. We want to make sure that our kids are at the top of their game. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s budget actually cuts 10 million students off of Pell Grants. It slashed public education, made sure that student loan interest rates would double, and eliminated access to higher education. How are our students going to compete internationally if that is the priority of the President of the United States? They can’t. But when it comes to focusing on making sure that everybody has a fair shot and everybody plays by the same set of rules, Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been fighting for the middle class and working families."

Learn more about President Obama’s focus on education, and get involved to ensure we continue to invest in our students and our future.

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