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Day after President Rallies Boulder, Massive Turnout on Campus

Early Voting at CU-Boulder

Last night, President Obama rallied a crowd of 10,000 at the University of Colorado at Boulder, urging students to get out and vote on Friday, the last day of early voting in the state. Today, students are responding in droves in Boulder, with lines being reported all day at CU polling places as thousands of students show up to cast their vote.

As in person early voting comes to a close today, Democrats continue to vote at a rate several points ahead of 2010, when Senator Michael Bennet won the state in a close election. And we’ve seen enthusiasm grow during the last two weeks, with early vote rallies by President Obama and former President Bill Clinton this week generating grassroots excitement.

And we’re not just seeing lines on campus. Voters at multiple polling places in Denver have also been reporting massive turnout today. With our final weekend events to get out the vote about to kick off, and the President returning to the state on Sunday for a final push, we’re heading into Election Day with the grassroots energy we need to win this state.

Find your voting location to vote early today!

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