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Celebrating the President's birthday in Broomfield

SE Denver1

Over twenty of our local supporters in Broomfield met to hear from Barack Obama a week ago. On the eve of his 50th birthday, the President directly addressed thousands of gatherings of supporters across the country. He thanked us all for our hard work, dedication and support and did what he does best – fired us up.

Everyone attending the Broomfield event got the chance to introduce themselves to all the other attendees and share a little bit about themselves. We gathered around a laptop to hear the President’s words, then split off into smaller groups to get to know one another better and to brainstorm ideas for the campaign.

Through this meeting, we were able to generate plenty of “next steps” for the campaign in the Broomfield area. We’re building the foundations and creating an excellent team of local neighborhood team leaders and members. Broomfield is going to be an integral component of our strategy to keep Colorado blue in 2012, so the work we’re doing there with our supporters is critical to our overall goal of winning Barack Obama another four years in office.

Of course, we couldn’t do that without our fabulous supporters, so why don’t you get involved today? We need you to help us win!

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