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Celebrating our right to vote on July 4th

For many Americans, the Fourth July is a welcome mid-summer celebration. It’s also an excellent time to think about what it means to be an American citizen and the responsibilities which that citizenship carries, including the responsibility to cast a vote each Election Day.

Noth Denver July 4th Weekend 011

Volunteers in North Denver prepare to register voters on July 4 weekend.

Here at the campaign, we believe strongly in empowerment. That’s why over the Fourth of July weekend we had organizers and volunteers spread across Colorado, ensuring that all citizens who were legally qualified to vote have their voter registration information up to date.

We do this every weekend, but over the Independence Day holiday, it means a little bit more. We remind our supporters, those we register and ourselves that our democracy is not to be taken for granted. It is something built over 200 years of struggle and compromise. The process of building A More Perfect Union is never complete; it is a constant journey. Casting a ballot is a citizen’s way to send a message. Voting, very simply, is one of the most patriotic acts an American can perform.

The power of the ballot box in a free and fair democracy such as ours cannot be overstated. Without it, we would never have elected the nation’s first African-American president in 2008, a truly great moment in our country’s history.

To those we registered over the holiday weekend, thank you for taking the time to ensure you’re able to take part in the constant construction of the United States of America. To those who would like to help us register new voters across Colorado in the future, please visit our Colorado events sign-up page, and you can find events near you where you can help with voter registration and other activities.

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