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Bulding relationships and friendships

Over the summer, all of the Summer Organizers built exciting new relationships with each other and with their volunteers. Here are some reflections on new friendships that will last long after the Summer Organizer program.

Alex in North Denver: “It has been great meeting people that I never would have met if I didn’t do this. It’s awesome to know how many people are as passionate about the President as I am.”

Kerri in North Denver: “I have several new best friends. During this experience I grew a lot as a person and especially learned a lot from the older volunteers. Anyone can make a difference in this campaign. The more volunteers you have the more successful and effective call time can be. I was organizing in a neighborhood that I have spent most of my life in, but I was able to experience new places and people in my hometown.”

Shaun in South Denver: “We all came here as strangers, but together we have laid foundation for a decisive victory for Colorado in 2012. It is remarkable how much we accomplished together this summer.”

Regardless of where each member of the Summer Organizer class of 2011 goes, each one of us will look at the electoral map on November 6, 2012, and know that our hard work made it possible to win for President Obama.

Want to build some new friendships this fall? Apply for our Fall Fellows program.

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