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Barbara Meets Barack

Barbara H. in Pueblo

When the President stopped in Barbara’s hometown last week, she was one of the first to welcome him to Pueblo.

Barbara, an oncology nurse and longtime supporter of President Obama, was one of the winners of our “Backstage with Barack” contest. She had the chance to meet President Obama before he spoke at a grassroots event in town, and we caught up with her after the visit to hear about her experience meeting the President:

It’s one of those things that you absolutely never think you will ever, ever attain; it wasn't even on my bucket list. And when I shook his hand, I was amazed – his hands were so soft! And a lot of politicians, when they shake your hand, they make a point of making a really firm grasp, but President Obama’s was this gentle shake of the hand, so warm and welcoming. I couldn’t believe it.

I just had so many things that I wanted to say to him. I found myself talking and talking, and somebody took my picture at some point but I didn’t smile because I was just talking. I thanked him for everything – for his support of the LGBT community, for his support of women, for health care reform.

I have patients who have cancer and can't get health care, or who come out of the hospital with enormous bills. They have to consider the option of getting chemo or not. They have to figure out how to get the drugs that are going to cost $30,000 or $40,000 a year – and those are the cheap ones. So I thanked the President for Obamacare, because it’s done so much for my patients.

When I said I was a nurse, he said, “We really need you.” I just said, “You have no idea how much we need you. You’ve made all of this worth it."

After having met the President, Barbara says, she’s more fired up than ever to win Colorado and ensure Barack Obama has a second term as President.

Meeting the President definitely lit a new spark. I’ve volunteered a lot, but I've been so busy with work lately and haven’t done as much. Then yesterday I got a call from a volunteer about a voter registration drive and I said, “I'll be there.” Now I'm saying, this is it. We've gotta get it done.

It's so important that we keep fighting. We can't reverse the course. We're on a forward path, and we have to move forward.

Join Coloradans for Obama today to stand with President Obama, and to keep our country moving forward.

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