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Field Update: Voter Registration Across Arizona

This past weekend, volunteers spread out in their neighborhood teams to register voters across the state -- from Flagstaff to Tucson and from Prescott to Phoenix. All of our teams got in on the action over this beautiful Weekend of Action, and the results were incredible! Check out the stories and images from this banner weekend and get involved in this incredible movement!

Charlotte, Scottsdale Neighborhood Team Leader, had this to say, "Of all of the activities we volunteers do to support the grassroots campaign, voter registration is the most think-on-your-feet, improvisational things we do. This weekend, we tried it all: sitting at a table, going door to door, standing on a busy street corner and venturing inside a laundromat. We went wherever we could find people and tried to approach them in whatever way we thought would make them comfortable enough to consider registering to vote -- and we were successful! Registering someone to vote is giving them a voice - it is one of the most gratifying things we can do as volunteers".

Monica, North Phoenix Organizing Fellow says, "This Weekend of Action was one of the most exciting, fast paced weekends I've ever had. I have never seen so much dedication from volunteers in my life. President Obama is getting four more years and Arizona will go blue! I can't wait for Election Day and I'll be working hard all the way!"

David, Northern Arizona and West Valley RFD, is in awe of the organization he and his team have built: "To see some many volunteers getting involved more than eight months before the election helps destroy the myth that Arizona is a red state. Supporters here know that 2012 can be the year we turn Arizona blue".

Join our great teams for their next Weekend of Action by signing up to volunteer!

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