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"I am registering voters on behalf of President Obama this summer"

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I am registering voters on behalf of President Obama this summer because he is a tenacious and intelligent leader who promotes open dialogue for progress rather than negativity and slander. Many of our current legislators are incapable of working together to create positive change. The arguments on the House and Senate floors are honestly appalling and it seems that it is up to my generation to hold lawmakers accountable. By registering to vote, getting educated on bills and candidates, and actively participating in our community, young people can change the world.

I have always supported President Obama for his positive attitude, but now even more so because he is seemingly the only person willing to protect my rights. The world is a scary place for a 21-year-old female college student facing growing student loan debt, a shrinking job market and a changing climate. It seems that no matter where we turn in Arizona, students and citizens are being attacked by the legislators that WE have elected -- this must change. I want to register as many people as possible to help re-elect President Obama, in order to ensure that he will be able to continue to protect my rights and work towards making my future brighter over the coming years. The United States is a great place, but can be made even better as long as we have charismatic and intelligent leaders encouraging growth and change; in my mind I can see no one more qualified than President Obama. Join me

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