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"I am a 23 year-old with a great full-time job that does not provide health insurance."

Recently we held a Women for Obama phone bank to talk to Tucson voters about the Affordable Care Act. We spoke with women from a cross the area, who voiced a variety of opinions on this historic piece of legislation, but my interaction with one woman in particular really stood out to me.

Women for Obama Phone Bank- Celebrating  affordable care act and lives that have already been changed for the better

She told me that nothing beneficial had come out of the Affordable Healthcare Act and that President Obama compromised significantly to create it. She was very adamant, even going so far as to say "There is not one person who is benefiting from this legislation." I quickly replied, sharing my own story "Well ma'am, I am a 23 year-old with a great full-time job that does not provide health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Healthcare Act, I am able to stay on my parents health insurance until I am 26". There was a pause and silence. "Wow, well, I am very glad to hear that." Her response was one of genuine surprise. You could tell that she was processing my story and taking it to heart.

I am hopeful that when that woman goes to the polls in November, she will remember talking to that young woman volunteering for Obama that now has healthcare because of the Affordable Care Act. Moments like that just underline the importance of speaking up and sharing your story with members of your community. Every phone call you make is another opportunity to share President Obama's accomplishments.So I hope you'll join me and all the rest of Arizona's great volunteers and help continue to grow this movement across the state.

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