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ASU Alum Comes Back Home To Organize

When I graduated Arizona State University in December 2011 I never thought I’d end up right back where I started. After being offered a job with OFA Virginia I packed up my suitcases, subleased my apartment and flew 2500 miles away to support President Obama the best way I knew how - by grassroots organizing.

He was the only President I’d drop everything in my life to work for, and having grown up an African-American woman in a predominately Latino community of California to a lesbian, single mother, he was the only President I knew would fight for the ideals and values of diversity I believed in. What I didn’t expect was how homesick I’d be. The red painted rocks of the desert, the sweet cultural mix of Native American and Latino communities and even my old alma mater ASU with it’s maroon and gold pitchforks filling football games had me yearning for Arizona once again.


I heard people say, “Arizona’s not in play” or “Arizona is a red state and always will be”. I wanted to turn conventional wisdom on its head and prove Arizona does matter! I packed up my bags and drove west from Virginia, with no job secured and no place to stay, landing back in the only place I could think of to call home. The day after my four-day road trip I signed up for a phone-bank in Tempe. I believe Arizona is important and that is why I am so very happy to be back here organizing. It is with that pride, pride that I think every one of our volunteers carries with them when representing this state, that we should march forward together toward victory and turning this state blue on November 6th.

Chelsea is back in Arizona to make a difference, join her here.

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