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News Entries in nm

  • @BB_OFA

    The Las Vegas community is getting involved! @OFA_NM @BB_OFA

  • "I Jumped All Over It"

    Sharon from Las Cruces is a dedicated supporter of the President. Her reason? Her daughter. “As a former teacher, I know the need for ed

  • @BB_OFA

    Sign up to canvass in a neighborhood near you! @OFA_NM @BarackObama

  • Barack's Birthday Weekend!

    It was an amazing weekend in New Mexico with birthday celebrations for the President across the state, a Democratic Unity Event in Las C

  • “I Got the Job.”

    Living in the East Mountains outside Albuquerque, Joshua knows the challenges young Americans face in getting a job. But he also knows t

  • @JM_OFA

    Young Americans are out for #Obama2012 in Estancia! @BarackObama @OFA_NM #RegToVote!

  • It's Personal.

    "I'm Jordon, from Portales, NM. I support Barack Obama in 2012 because: I love my grandma. For 15 years, I've watched my grandmother fig

  • Living My Dream

    Alex and her father during a neighborhood canvass on Father's Day. I’m a 20-year-old Field Organizer living my dream working for the Pre

  • DonTrell

    DonTrell Moore, a local football celebrity and advocate speaks out on the importance of this election. Name: DonTrell Moore City: Rosw

  • Five Points

    Margaret L. is a data volunteer in Albuquerque. Like many supporters, her commitment to the President’s re-election is rooted in her bel