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Volunteer Spotlight: Eric P.


This week I got the chance to sit down with one of the campaign’s most inspiring volunteers, Eric P Eric is a lifelong resident of Washington D.C.’s 8th Ward and he has become a staple of our weekly phone banks.

When asked why he decided to volunteer, he said:

“If we don’t get involved we [could] get an administration which will ignore the poor community.We need volunteers at the grassroots level to energize and organize.”

And energize he has. Eric puts in three hours a week, making an average of120 calls. Eric draws much of his inspiration to carry on with such endurance from a piece of paper he carries with him every day.

“I had triple bypass surgery. The bill was $84,700. If not for the President I would be in a major financial bind. I carry the letter from Washington Hospital Center at all times as a reminder of how important this election is.”

To meet Eric and find out how you can get involved, join us for an upcoming event.

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