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2012 in Pinellas County

Everyday someone asks me why I work so hard for President Obama and my answer is always the same.

"I work so hard because he works so hard for me. He is fighting for things that will improve the lives of my family and friends for generations. Whether it is standing up for Health Reform or Education or Renewable & Clean Energy solutions, President Obama knows that these are the very things that will improve the economy for now and for the future. He also wants me to benefit, and I know that because my college student daughter and my active duty soldier son are both benefitting from programs that will secure their futures. The results will be two additional educated citizens gratefully contributing to society. What could be a better investment of my time than working to help get President Obama re-elected?"

OFA-FL has provided me an opportunity to work with people who understand the importance of this work. "It’s up to us" is a phrase I hear at meetings of like-minded people in Pinellas County and they are ready to get started! Team Pinellas has been holding one-on-one meetings with interested volunteers to answer their questions about OFA-FL and explain how they can get involved. Everyone has particular skills and availability so there is always a place to feel comfortable here and very quickly become part of our "family of friends."

Pinellas will host another neighborhood team meeting on Thursday May 5, for all those who could not attend the first one and this time we'll have chips & salsa in honor of Cinco de Mayo!

OFA-FL has the tools for us to use for planning an event and tracking our results. We’re currently reconnecting with 2008 and 2010 volunteers for the “I’m IN” program. As for the creative side...Pinellas has it covered with Kirsten P. designing a chart that will encourage a bit of "friendly" competition between Neighborhood Teams. We even have a sign making party in the works! We want to decorate the office with encouraging and informational signs to welcome one and all. For instance a "did you know?" type of sign with facts regarding the effectiveness of phone calls vs. e-mails. High-energy, Positive and "In", that's Pinellas County 2012.

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