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2011 Summer Organizers Finish 2-Day Training Empowered and Ready to Organize for Obama 2012

Detroit — Day two of our 2011 Summer Organizer training brought a lot of fun, learning, and brainstorming of how we will tailor our efforts to communities across the state. The day started off with a review of the accomplishments of President Obama in his first two years. From rebuilding the economy, to the Affordable Care Act and even protecting civil rights, the Summer Organizers got a great understanding of the progress we need to protect and how we plan to win the future.

State Director Garrett Arwa Talks About Promises Kept by President Obama

“I knew about the President's accomplishment generally, but I learned them more in depth. The training overall was certainly more informative than I thought it would be. It was more organizer than I thought it would be. I learned a lot,” said Summer Organizer Kaitlyn O

Following that section, Summer Organizers took to the streets to spread that message in the Motor City Pride parade. As Michigan’s largest LGBT Pride festival, MCP gave Summer Organizers a great opportunity to engage important members of the community on why we need them to help us build our campaign.

“It was good to get out, enjoy the weather, stretch our legs, and be amongst the people."


"My light bulb moment was participating in the parade today. I didn't think I could do it. I thought about and I went. I talked to people and I met that challenge.Now I know I can do anything," said Summer Organizer Zenola S.

The rest of the day included critical elements to effective organizing. We discussed voter engagement and effective conversations and got some great feedback from our Summer Organizers. Summer Organizers got to discuss everything in smaller groups and start putting together their plans for putting everything that we had worked on into action in their community.

Melissa Bernardi Breaks Down the Science of Contacting Michiganders

As the final day of the training ended, we felt enthusiastic and confident that our Summer Organizers were ready to take to their community, engage their neighbors, and help build a sustainable organization to ensure that we have success this year and the next.

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