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2011 Summer Organizer Spotlight: Rhian C of Warren, In His Own Words

Rhian Reaches Out to Residents in the OC

After reading President Obama's book, Dreams From My Father, and seeing the stories that he had about his community organizing years in Chicago I knew that it was an experience that I should have. After graduation I had a sense of urgency associated with a need for social action with the intention to create drastic change in America. The Summer Organizer program has afforded me the opportunity to focus that desire so that I can form real sustentative change in the community in which I live.

My experience thus far has been great! My fellow SO's have been amazing. Our shared experience is one that I will cherish and learn from in unimaginable ways. Every experience that I have makes my organizing skills better, and I look forward to the end of the summer to see what small changes that I have made, all leading up to the re-election of President Obama and other Democrats in the 2012 election!

Are you interested in working with a Summer Organizer in your area? E-mail Melissa Bernardi or call her at 586-764-3344.

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