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2011 Summer Organizer Spotlight: Organizer Steve B. Reflects on Working With Obama 2012

In my first two weeks as a Summer Organizer, I can already see that my job is going to take me to new places in understanding how American politics affects people on a personal level. During my last four years at college, political issues were often limited to newspaper articles and what was discussed in the classroom. There was not always something tangible making me understand what was important to the average voter.

Steve Ball

Now that I am an organizer, I will be able to grasp a more intimate understanding of issues such as health care and jobs from the stories told to me by individuals in the community I represent. I am hoping that in the nine weeks I work as an organizer, I will be able to hear the viewpoints of affected people and be able to humanize my understanding of the American voter and how they make decisions.

So far I have been getting used to the day to day aspects of summer organizing. On Monday I scouted my district to get a feel for what it was like and to look for a good meeting place for one on ones. I've also been trying to make it on all of the conference calls and I have been working to try to best understand the technology with which I'll be working.

Are you interested in working with a Summer Organizer in Oakland County? E-mail Melissa Bernardi or call her at 586-764-3344.

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