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2011 Summer Organizer Spotlight: Maggie H of Detroit

Detroit- When Maggie H first saw the email notice about the Summer Organizer Program, she thought it might not apply to her. Though it seemed to be oriented to those with college degrees, or more professional experience, the more Maggie thought about this opportunity and her desire to work for positive change in her Detroit East Side community, she knew she had to apply in spite of her doubts. And after completing her second week of volunteer work as a summer organizer, she’s glad she did!

Maggie-Detroit SO

Through her work as a summer organizer, she is gaining the kind of experience that will help her be a source of positive change, and she is learning more about the issues that concern her every day. She is a strong supporter of President Obama’s health reform policy because she lost her brother at an early age due to poor medical coverage, and does not want to see this kind of unnecessary loss happen to others.

Maggie is also a firm supporter of President Obama’s economic stimulus program because she feels strongly that people should not be forced to leave their Detroit neighborhoods due to deteriorating conditions or lack of employment opportunities. Maggie recognizes how the President’s work to improve the economy and grow jobs has not only been helping to keep her community from falling further into poverty, but has been pro-actively helping to improve the situation of Detroit’s communities.

Maggie sees how President Obama’s support of the American auto industry and the Recovery act has already helped to improve the lives of some of her family members. Her cousin had been laid off from the Auto industry, but through a Michigan job retraining program funded in part by the Recovery Act, her cousin has been retrained for a well-paying job in a new green industry.

Maggie became a 2011 Summer Organizer because she wanted to be the positive change she wants to see happening in her own neighborhood. And now she is helping to build up strong neighborhood teams of grassroots organizers who will help to lead the Obama2012 campaign to victory.

“I want to be part of the work to assure we’re able to live together in harmony.”

If you are like Maggie and want to be part of this work for positive change to strengthen your communities, check out these opportunities to get involved today with volunteering to build the grassroots strength of this movement for change.

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