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2011 Summer Organizer Spotlight: Lawrence H of Detroit

Detroit Summer Organizer Lawrence H. is fired up and ready to help President Obama win in 2012. As a former president of the Young Democrats of Langston University, Lawrence worked in 2008 to register youth throughout Oklahoma.

Lawrence H

Lawrence’s passion and vision are rooted in helping youth cut through “the mass[ive] red tape of life.” He’s currently in Michigan working on his Masters Degree because he wants to help change the system to better support those in need. As a summer organizer, Lawrence is proud to be working on President Obama’s behalf because he believes in the President's ability to provide leadership that best serves the people of this country:

Our President gives eloquent voice to the people of this country. His intellect and ability to work for us as a whole national community is unwavering.
Lawrence is also enthusiastic about the ways the President is working to strengthen our educational system giving students additional access to college opportunities and funding. Lawrence is looking forward to seeing the President continue to provide leadership as we all take on the major challenges of moving our nation toward a better future. To join Lawrence and other OFA volunteers in this collective work on behalf of President Obama and our nation, check out these opportunities to get involved.
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