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2011 Summer Organizer Spotlight: Autumn J continues to organize for Obama 2012

Pontiac- Our office in Pontiac has been buzzing for weeks since the 2011 class Summer Organizers arrived. Every day there are meetings and actions, with the common goal of asking people throughout Oakland County to be IN for Obama 2012, organizing neighborhood grassroots teams, and training new grassroots leaders.


Hitting the phones and reaching out to volunteers and supporters has been Priority 1--and the reaction from those being contacted has been overwhelmingly positive. At first, the new SOs were nervous about making the calls, but once they had a supporter on the line they realized how much people wanted to be asked to help grow the movement.

“I loved everything about my experience volunteering during the 2008 campaign” one caller told Autumn J., the SO in Farmington Hills. “Thanks for calling and letting me know we are ready to get busy.” From this and many more calls Autumn made, a team meeting, followed by a hugely successful phone bank, were born.

There are many similar stories coming out of Oakland County, as the Summer Organizers are beginning to see how one phone call to a supporter eventually becomes a meeting which then creates a neighborhood team. Think you’ve got what it takes to get things going in your neighborhood? Contact Melissa Bernardi 586.764.3344 [email protected] and she’ll connect you with a volunteer leader in your area.

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