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2011 Summer Organizer Program Kicks Off In Detroit

Detroit — Constructing the Obama 2012 campaign will be done conversation by conversation, street by street, and neighborhood by neighborhood. That mission recently started with residents across the state of Michigan. A critical component in the building of that organization was training a new generation of community organizers. Today we started on that goal in a big way—by welcoming the 2011 Summer Organizers to their two-day introductory training.

Summer Organizers arrive for their first day on the job.

"I don't want to go back. I want to keep going forward. This training will open my eyes and give me the tools to achieve that for Michigan."

Jeremy and other Michiganders from all over the state went through a fun and busy day of learning the ins and outs of what they will be doing this summer, as well as how to build this campaign. The day started with the story of our grassroots movement, a constructive discussion on the history and role of community organizers, and an interactive section on how to tell our personal stories.

Summer Organizer tells her personal story.

Amelia commented after the personal story section, “There is a lot of misinformation out there about what the President has done that we need to fight against. I'm eager to use my personal story to do that".

The second half of the training dug deeper into the tools of community organizing—from empowering Michiganders to be agents for change in their community to the importance of Neighborhood Teams. Summer Organizers also learned the importance of our “I’m In” campaign and practiced how they will engage people in their community over the next ten weeks.

Summer Organizers break out to discuss organizing tactics.

The first day concluded with a big dinner, some more practice on having important conversations with community members, and the formation of new, lasting relationships. After an exciting first day, we need to get ready for Day two!

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