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2011 Summer Organizer Profile: Jeremy A takes the Tri-Cities by storm this Summer for Obama 2012

My name is Jeremy and I’m a student at Delta College. I was born in Saginaw, raised in Midland, and now live in Bay City. I come from a long line of Democrats. Both of my grandfathers were in the UAW, and I can remember both sets of my grandparents having photographs of JFK hanging in their homes. My brother told me that growing up he always thought JFK must’ve been a sort of relative, and the enduring way my grandparents spoke of him would make anyone think the same. I come from a Catholic family, so social justice was an active part of our faith; dignity and tolerance were cherished principles.

Jeremy Alexander

Since I was in my cynical high school years when George W. Bush was president, I knew that I wanted to work for change and progress. I was motivated by my brother who had always had a mind for politics to do whatever we could to make our voices heard. Out of high school I campaigned alongside my brother for any Democrat running, I’ve done canvassing and placed yard signs for Garnet Lewis. I marched in parades for Andrew Concannon and Jeff Mayes, as well as doing whatever I could in 2008 for President Obama’s “Campaign for Change.”

Jeremy Alexander at SO Training

Today my passion for social justice and for politics is as strong as ever. I am a member of many Progressive-Catholic organizations, I’m involved in lay ministry in the Episcopal Church, I work with the developed mentally disabled and I’m very involved in working for the Obama campaign as a Summer Organizer.

To join Jeremy, helping move the Tri-Cities forward click here.

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