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2011: Reports from the Field

Volunteers and supporters have been organizing on the ground all over the country since we kicked off this campaign in April, making calls to supporters and registering voters. Check out some of these highlights from the field in 2011:

Out of the gate, organizers in Virginia met up to trade tips and learn new strategies for reaching out to voters in the Commonwealth.

In June, volunteers from Washington, D.C. to Iowa to California celebrated LGBT Pride Month—taking part in pride parades and raising awareness about President Obama’s record on equality.

From June to August, our summer organizers worked to build this campaign in their communities. Alex hit the DMV in Las Vegas bright and early to register voters, and Caitlin convinced her best friend to join the campaign over coffee and biscuits in Colorado.

Supporters in Nashua, New Hampshire cooked up a picnic and campaign planning session in the heat of July.

After Council Bluffs, Iowa was hit by floods this summer, volunteers lent a hand to their friends and neighbors by organizing a “sandwiches and sandbags” day of action.

Ohio volunteers mobilized to protect early voting rights this fall—and it paid off.

Vice President Joe Biden headed to New Hampshire in October to file the papers to put President Obama on the ballot in 2012—and along the way, he made a surprise stop at a house party in Concord to talk about the President’s jobs plan.

Missouri neighborhood teams took part in their first neighborhood team convention this fall—even giving up a Mizzou game day to strategize.

We’re organizing in all 50 states, and up in Alaska, a little hot chocolate is all Jackie needs to brave the cold out on the campaign trail this winter.

You’re never too old to vote! In Florida, volunteers helped Dick register to vote at 98 years old—and he baked a cake to celebrate.

We got off to a strong start in 2011, but there’s much more to do as we head into 2012. Sign up to make a difference in your community and help re-elect President Obama in November.

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