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2011 Is the Year of the Community Organizer for Obama 2012

Building a grassroots effort for Obama 2012 required more than just engaging volunteers and supporters. It involves building a campaign with volunteers trained and empowered to make sure everyone in their community is engaged in our efforts.

>Janie O
Janie (Black and Yellow Shirt) and Her Team

The best trained leaders are community organizers. These organizers work to help engage other grassroots leaders, help promote President Obama’s accomplishments, and create neighborhood teams. Community organizers work with groups of energetic supporters to structure them in a functional team with defined roles, goals, and motivation.

As a Community Organizer, Janie is at the center of a "snowflake" of Neighborhood Teams

As Community Organizers go—Janie O. is one of the best. An East Detroiter, Janie found her way to Obama 2012 through a few lucky friends. When she joined our team last year she was more than eager to set her roots in place to become a Community Organizer and she has done just that.

The East Side Team is growing and having a good time doing so. Many people are eager to attend their regularly scheduled meetings and events like small business canvassing. Team growth and efficiency can be attributed to the dedication of their Community Organizer who is keen on being on time, on agenda and on task. As the East Side Team grows be looking great successes and some friendly but fierce competition.

Are you IN for Obama 2012? Live on the East Side of Detroit and want to join Community Organizer Janie O.? Send an e-mail to Regional Field Director Lacy Dawson at [email protected] and she’ll link you and Janie!

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