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2011: Campaign Milestones

  1. On April 4th, 2011, we officially launched our 2012 campaign and began building this organization in cities and towns across the country.

  2. In June, thousands of volunteers and staff came together for our first national day of action, reaching out to friends and neighbors to ask them to join the campaign.

  3. Later that month, our 2011 Summer Organizer Program got underway. The class of first-time grassroots organizers took part in intensive trainings in every state before heading out to build the campaign in their neighborhoods.

  4. OFA IL Summer Organizers

  5. By the end of October, one million grassroots donors had pitched in for the campaign, and we launched this interactive infographic to take a look at who made up the first million.

  6. The winners of our first Dinner with Barack contest sat down for a meal with President Obama to talk about some of the issues that matter to them—and ask him about basketball, being a dad, and more.

  7. On November 8th, 2011, volunteers turned out the vote in elections across the country and helped deliver a big victory for Ohio.

  8. This fall, a Colorado volunteer spoke to a Denver man about getting involved for 2012—it was our one millionth one-on-one conversation of this campaign.

If you want to be a part of the big moments of this campaign in 2012, sign up to get involved.

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