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100 days left - it takes one

100 days

Sunday, July 29th, marks 100 days until the election.

For those of us who’ve been working on the Obama campaign for a while now, it’s hard to believe that this effort we joined all those months ago is racing to a close.

Aaron Levine, a senior fellow with the campaign in New York, says that: “When I started on this campaign, we had over 500 days left, and I felt the urgency then. And now it’s 100 days out, and it’s a significant mark to get those who aren’t yet feeling that urgency to step it up. It’s crunch time!”

Aaron has been inspiring people throughout New York City to get more involved and join in for the next 100 days. And now we’re asking you to do the same. One person can make the difference in this election. And it starts with you. Help us move the country forward and inspire one more person to join in as we move this country forward.

It takes one.

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