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“10 reasons”

10 reasons why we need to re-elect President Obama:

  1. He’ll do the best job for the majority of Americans. His roots are humble, his supporters are mainly small donors, his worldview is practical. He knows that if the vast majority of people aren’t doing well, those at the top are not going to prosper either. And his heart is with us: the kindhearted, optimistic people who are America’s strength.

  2. He’ll do the best job in helping us to have affordable health care and access to the doctors and medications that we need. The Affordable Care Act has had many benefits so far, and others will begin in 2014. The opposition has promised to do away with the Affordable Care Act and leave us at the mercy of drug and insurance companies.

  3. He’ll do the best job to keep us safe. His handling of the crowning achievement of getting bin Laden as well as others high in terrorist organizations has been exemplary.

  4. He’ll do the best job for our children and grandchildren. President Obama values education from his own life experience and as he watches his children learn and grow. He supports educational improvement, including his Race to the Top program and defense of public television as a great equalizer for all economic levels. His administration personifies knowledge and intelligence.

  5. He has the proper temperament to handle the many problems that cross his desk each day. His “no drama” style has served him well in dealing with the many world and domestic problems we face.

  6. He looks at scientific data on global warming and makes reasonable decisions on funding alternative energy to slow global production of CO2.

  7. He presents the best face of America to the rest of the world.

  8. He will, in all likelihood, have the opportunity to nominate at least one Supreme Court judge, who will help determine the outlook on issues for decades to come.

  9. He takes women’s issues seriously, including health and pay issues. President Obama sees the future of the country through his daughters' eyes. Michelle Obama is a very strong First Lady who has taken as her missions the welfare of veterans and their families and the health of our youngest generation. With his wife and his children as the core of his existence, women need not fear that they will lose long-fought-for rights.

  10. Both members of the opposing ticket need to be examined in deciding how to vote. While Mitt Romney has wandered all over the spectrum from conservative to liberal in his governing style, there can be no doubt that Paul Ryan is a staunch conservative who will do his best to influence the administration to curve sharply to the right if they are elected. Gone will be many of the social welfare programs on which people depend as they age or meet with infirmities.

Let's get out and vote!

—Sandra, North Carolina

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