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Ten Days on the Campaign Trail

As I wrap up my tenth day as a summer organizer, it's nice to take a second and think about everything that has happened in such a short period of time. Over the last ten days I have made hundreds of calls on behalf of my President, scheduled meetings with old and new supporters, begun bonding with my fellow SO's, and attended a community event with a Congressman. It has been an amazing ride.

Summer Organizers Laila E., Michael C. and Jeb B. prepare for a community event.

As I've met with my fellow voters and spoken with Obama supporters from around the state, one thing in particular stands out. Speaking with a woman in Silver Spring one minute and a young man in Reisterstown the next, I have consistently heard amazing stories about what President Obama has done, not just for our country, but for the lives of individual citizens. From insuring that the 23-year-old graduate student in Towson can go to school full time while staying on his parents health care plan to helping the 45 year old woman in Rockville cut her monthly mortgage payments in half so that she can provide for her family, the work that our President does has a direct and powerful impact on the everyday lives of the members of our communities. Working with the campaign has given me a sense of what it means to serve in my community and why this campaign matters. It's not just about the President, it's about making a difference in the lives of average Marylanders. And waking up every day to come into the campaign headquarters and know that you're making a difference...well there's no other feeling quite like it.

Want to experience that exhilaration and meet some of our amazing summer organizers? Then come on by our office at 3750 University Boulevard West in Kensington, MD!

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