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1 Day Left, Virginia: Register to Vote Now

In an urgent email to supporters today, Voter Protection Director Ridge Schuyler lays out what's on the line for Virginians:

Virginia — This election is coming down to the wire: Tomorrow is the very last day to register to vote in Virginia.

So get on our Facebook app right now, and reach out to your friends to make sure they're ready to cast their ballot.

It's a pretty phenomenal power we have as voters — we get the chance to shape the future of our country.

And, as Virginians, we have a big role to play in deciding the outcome of this election.

President Obama has been fighting for all of us -- and if you need the proof, look at the numbers:

  • 1,376,205 women in Virginia will gain access to birth control with no copay this year because of the President's health care reform.
  • 108,500 private sector jobs were added in Virginia over the past 30 months.
  • 177,496 students in Virginia will save an average of $1,011 due to the President's plan to keep federal student loan interest rates low.

The President has our backs — let's make sure we have his, too.

These next four years are in your hands. Make sure everyone you know is registered by tomorrow’s deadline:

Let's win Virginia again!

Ridge Schuyler

P.S. – Don’t wake up on Election Day and realize it’s too late. Fill out a registration form in a matter of minutes at and make your vote count.

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