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Young Jewish Professionals Gather for a Day of Action

Sunday morning is the perfect time to sleep in and relax, but OFA-DC’s Young Jewish Professionals sacrificed their precious weekend hours for something much larger than themselves—working to re-elect President Obama.

Last weekend, 25 Young Jewish Americans came together for a Day of Action to register voters and recruit volunteers in Northern Virginia. From Rosslyn to King St, we braved the hot sun to keep Virginia blue this November.

Lawrence P. had a blast on Sunday:

“It felt great to help out with the campaign in such an important state. I registered 4 voters, and it was great to know that I made a difference!”

Young Jewish Professionals for Obama registered 30 voters and signed up 46 volunteers for OFA–VA in just a few hours—we’re excited to see what’s next for the group!

OFA–DC will continue to host Jewish Professionals for Obama events on Sundays this summer—the next Day of Action is on August 5th. Join people like Lawrence and make a difference with us—sign up today.

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