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Young Jewish Americans gather to celebrate Obama Shabbat in D.C.

Last Friday night in Washington, DC, despite the stormy weather, groups of young Jewish Americans gathered across the city to celebrate Shabbat, organize in their communities and discuss ways they could help re-elect President Obama. Attendees at the 13 dinners also discussed specific issues that are important to the Jewish community.

Over challah and Shabbat candles, attendees at one Shabbat dinner, hosted by registered nurse Tarik Khan, discussed ways in which the Affordable Care Act is benefiting Jewish Americans across the country. Another dinner focused on President Obama’s unwavering commitment to supporting the U.S.-Israel relationship.

Additionally, attendees focused on ways they could help reelect President Obama. According to one of the hosts, Hannah Malvin, the dinner attendees were excited to "come together and build a winning campaign." Malvin said, "there was a lot of enthusiasm and we had a blast. Young Jewish Professionals are looking forward to meeting more great volunteers, growing our group, and making a positive difference in this election."

Other dinner hosts felt similarly. Eric Goode, the Young Jewish Professionals Neighborhood Team leader, said "it was truly an inspiration to see so many friends gather and know that we have the capability to make a difference in the campaign by organizing in an important swing state."

Young Jewish Professionals for Obama events will continue through Election Day. Find events in your neighborhood, here.

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