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Save Obamacare, stop tax giveaways to the wealthy

Congressional leaders are trying again to repeal Obamacare by sneakily adding a provision to an unrelated tax bill.

The tax bill is bad on its own—giving giant tax cuts to the rich and wealthy corporations, while raising taxes for millions in the middle class. But it's even worse now. The bill would kick 13 million people off their health insurance and raise premiums for many others, including folks with pre-existing conditions.

It's crucial that we make our voices heard on this disastrous bill. Get in touch with a key senator now.



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I'm calling to urge you to oppose the misguided tax bill that includes a sneaky repeal of Obamacare.

It's a disastrous plan that serves as a giant tax giveaway to wealthy corporations. It pays for these cuts by ripping away coverage from 13 million Americans. The bill would also raise premiums for many, including those with pre-existing conditions.

Additionally, many middle class families depend on tax deductions that this bill gets rid of—including ones that benefit college students and folks dealing with illnesses. This bill does not represent my values. Please vote no.

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