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Speak out against repeal of the Clean Water Rule

The administration is threatening to repeal the Clean Water Rule, a move that would put the drinking water of one in three Americans at risk. This is unacceptable, and would throw protections that have existed for nearly 50 years into turmoil.

By law, the administration has to consider public comments on this proposal. Let them know where you stand by commenting today.


For 45 years, the Clean Water Act has protected our natural resources, and helped keep drinking water safe. In 2015, the Clean Water Rule finally extended protections to streams and wetlands that flow into our larger bodies of water—helping to ensure that more than 117 million Americans have access to clean drinking water. The existing rule incorporates input from 400 stakeholder meetings, one million public comments, and synthesis of more than 1200 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and should not be rescinded. It allows more pollution in our nation’s waters, and threatens our public health and the economy.