Toolkits & resources

With the right resources and support, everyone—from first-time action takers to veteran organizers—can make their voices heard and achieve real, tangible results.

Over the years, OFA volunteers, supporters, and staff have put theory into practice and learned a lot along the way. The resources listed on this page represent a collection of helpful guidelines and best practices for effective organizing, no matter your level of experience or how much time you have (whether that’s a few minutes, or a few hours.)

The toolkits below are designed to be a good first step to get you started, but your greatest resources in organizing will be the folks in your own community—friends, family, colleagues, and other volunteers.


Voter Registration

Voting is our fundamental right and part of our civic responsibility to raise our voice in shaping the kind of community we want to be.


Photography Tips and Tricks

You don’t need to be a professional photographer with a fancy camera to capture your events.


Congressional Recess Planning

Connect with your members of Congress during town halls, listening sessions, and office hours. Ask questions, share concerns, and press for answers on legislation and votes.


Earned Media Events

This guide covers what an effective earned media event looks like, how to pitch it to the press, and what you can do online to amplify the coverage you receive.


Writing Best Practices

Share your story and your organizing in a way that’s clear, concise, and respectful. But most of all, write like a human.


Using Social Media at Events

Taking the time to think through social media opportunities around your event is an important step to amplifying your organizing work.


Writing a Letter to the Editor

This guide will discuss why LTEs are an important tool to move your issue forward, the nuts and bolts of writing your letter and, of course, getting your letter published.


Using #Hashtags and @Handles

Don’t just post your content into the void—make sure you’re plugging into the right conversations with the right folks.


Broadcasting on Facebook Live

Elected officials need to be held accountable. Use Facebook Live to broadcast key moments with just your phone to help build the pressure.