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To make progress on the pressing issues we face today, organizers and advocates need the skills and training to turn a desire to change the status quo into meaningful and impactful civic action. But finding the time to attend a training in person can often mean time away from other everyday priorities. That's why OFA offers online trainings—where you can develop your skills without leaving your home. And if you miss a live online training, you can always check out the recording and watch it at a time that's convenient for you. Whether you're looking for introductory-level skill building or something more advanced, we have a training series for you.

Turning Action Into Organizing

Turning Action into Organizing is a five-part series that introduces people to fundamental skills they'll need to start organizing in their community. OFA has designed the most current series specifically to develop an organizer’s skills in persuasion and communication. In this series, we cover effective listening, motivational interviewing, knowing your ‘why’, communicating your values, and deep canvassing—ultimately developing a suite of skills that you can use to have more effective conversations. This series combines social science, psychology, and best practices for political organizers, and gives participants  room for practice, feedback, and application of the craft.

Effective Conversations I: Effective Listening

We must first ground ourselves as listeners. This training focuses on the ability to listen for the underlying values that people try to convey when they speak, and how to build a connection based on shared ideas and beliefs.

Effective Conversations II: Know Your Why

Many Americans have ideas about how to change our country for the better. But why are we not always compelled by them? It’s likely because we don’t always hear the underlying values behind why they care about the change in the first place—their ‘why’. Through this training, we will help you identify your own ‘why’, and practice communicating it in a clear, persuasive way that allows others to connect with your ideas/story.

Effective Conversations III: How, Why, What?

This training sets you up with a practical framework that you can use in multiple organizing settings, from canvassing your neighborhood to talking to your congressional representatives.

Toolkits and resources

With the right resources and support, everyone—from first-time action takers to veteran organizers—can make their voices heard and achieve real, tangible results.

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