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Get ready for recess

Recess is here, and members of Congress are heading back to their home districts (April 8 - 23). Be ready to engage with elected officials at town halls, office hours, and other constituent events by preparing with our Recess Toolkit and other quick how-tos.

Recess Toolkit 2017

Learn how to effectively and respectfully engage with your members of Congress using this toolkit as your guide.

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ACA "Thank You" Host Guide

Are you planning to thank your elected officials for defending Obamacare? Stay organized and make good use of this meeting with this host guide.

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April Recess Issue Updates and Event Guidance

There's so much happening on so many issues right now that it can be overwhelming to stay up to date. Here's a helpful breakdown of some of the issues at the forefront—and where your efforts are best spent.

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Photography Tips

Pics or it didn't happen—make sure your efforts are seen and amplified! Here are some practical tips for getting the best shots at your events.

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April Climate March Guidance

The upcoming March for Science and the People’s Climate March offer opportunities to join OFA volunteers and partners at the forefront of the climate change movement and make our voices heard.

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