OFA Fellowship

To help create a more accessible and participatory democracy, organizers need the skills to turn a desire to change the status quo into meaningful civic action. OFA’s fellowship programs are designed to train the next generation of progressive change-makers.

OFA offers a series of learning experiences for fellows to gain basic, intermediate, and advanced organizing skills from top experts in the progressive world. Fellowship topics include community engagement strategies, digital organizing development, personal story reflection, and issue advocacy tactics.

Whether you’re looking to learn introductory-level organizing skills or to build on your professional experience, OFA fellowships can help you take your skills to the next level.


Community Engagement Fellowship

The OFA Community Engagement Fellowship is built to help new leaders develop their skills, while providing a meaningful experience for people looking to address the root challenges facing their community. OFA Fellows come from varied backgrounds and skill levels, but the fellowship serves as an entry point for those looking to take action and make a difference. This fellowship will provide the tools and training to make real progress, and to ensure that voices as diverse as our communities have a place in this movement.

As an OFA Fellow, you’ll identify challenges affecting your community, then develop an advocacy campaign to make measurable progress on that issue. We know that you likely want to make big change in your communities—and by developing an advocacy campaign, you are developing a long-term approach. Ultimately, we are in this for the long haul: to create a more accessible and participatory democracy at all levels of government.

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