Chairman’s Letter

A note from Jon Carson, OFA Co-Chairman

To my OFA family,

When I first joined this movement, it was because I believed in the extraordinary power of ordinary people to take on even the most powerful interests. I knew that the change we sought was possible as long as we could come together in our own communities and speak out in one voice.

Today, I no longer just believe that to be true. I know it is.

OFA supporters have not only helped usher in that change—they’ve seen it happen up close. That success reaffirms my belief that real, lasting change comes from the bottom up—from people like you. That’s why OFA has always supported grassroots chapters in communities across the country, and continues to train passionate individuals to become empowered organizers. This movement has always been and will always be about encouraging people to get up off of the sidelines of democracy and take action on the issues that they care about.

The stakes are too high to sit out of these fights.

Keep organizing and never lose hope,

Jon Carson
OFA Co-Chairman