Organizing works—and it has the power to change history.

That one unchanging truth connects former OFA fellows, volunteers, and staff, and makes this battle-tested community more important than ever. Our country needs us to build this movement and teach new organizers how to turn their righteous anger into action—it’s the only way to keep the progress we’ve made from being rolled back by today’s climate deniers and alternative fact makers.

Stay engaged. Pay it forward.

There is no substitution for hard work and participation in the political process—if we don’t work, we can’t expect outcomes that benefit all Americans.

Reggie Love
Former personal aide to Barack Obama

Ways to get involved

Manage a team of OFA fellows

OFA is training new fellows across the country. Find a team in your community and share your organizing experience with them.

Join your local OFA chapter

Network, rally, phonebank, and stay involved with OFA in your community. Start local—make change on isssues that directly affect you and your neighborhood.

Network with volunteers on Slack

Get the latest updates on organizing efforts and connect with OFA supporters in communities across the country. Request to join the OFAction Slack.

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